Too small dog sweater

I set out to make Darby a new sweater, this time knit texture. My goal was to make a sweater inspired by the “Jaywalker socks” because I so liked the zig-zag pattern. Naturally I did not actually READ the pattern, oh no. I just made note of the fact that there were symmetrical increases and decreases.

I stole this picture from her blog (cause it was awesome): tiphanie

So, being that I have made a great many sweaters for Darby, I cast on with 30 stitches, worked in a 1×1 rib, increased up to 36 sts total, bound off the legs, cast back on, and set out to make my own zigzag. But….I hadn’t actually read the pattern and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. Naturally, I forged ahead. Here’s what I ended up making….

While it is a thoroughly adorable sweater, it is TOO small for my tiny Darby. She was really not pleased with having to wear it.

Yeah, you can tell she’s not a fan of it. Heehee. It is pretty cute. If you need a sweater for a dog who’s maybe 2lbs or less, I’ll be happy to send it to you.


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