Whoohoo!! (accomplishments)

So after entering and quickly leaving the dank, dark den that is H&R block in the mall…in the middle of them doing my taxes…I needed to find a tax person, posthaste!  E (thats “Boyfriend, squee! to you’all) suggested that I use the person that he used, being that they are 1.human, 2.english speakers, 3. do not practice tax making in a dank, dark den.  I followed his advice and now my taxes are done! And I am getting money back! I anticipate getting like $45 back, but hey, its better than paying. ( Addendum: Thanks to GW for the tax rebate.  Big, big thanks.  To balance it out though, big thumbs down on the war…still) Having my taxes done leaves me feeling very accomplished.

I took E to see Moonie and Broon.  This is an important boyfriend test. 

This is more or less what the boyfriend test looks like.  If he laughs, we’re good.

Really now, how can you NOT laugh at them.  Go to the Renaissance Faire and see them.  Moonie by himself is a riot, I’ve never seen Broon’s act by himself, but I don’t doubt he’s hilarious.

Ex hated faire and all things associated with it, including the performers, such as Moonie and Broon.  E seemed to have a good time, laughed when appropriate, and didn’t bitch about everyone else in the theater (although I did…the giant head in front of my chair made it hard for little ol’ me to see…and how do you tell some faire-geek to chop his jew-fro?)

Easter Sunday I went to meet his Grandma (who raised him) and his Aunt and Uncle.  So I guess this weekend there were tests for the both of us.  His Grandma, for beng her age, is a fiesty bird! She was funny.  Actually the whole thing was funny and a good time.  Grandma’s husband (Ed) kept messing with the oven while I was baking a pie (what do you expect, he’s 88 and wants pie!) and then I would have to go back and fix the oven or tell him to wait for pie.  They are a nice family and I felt like I fit in pretty well.

In knit news, its spring break and my knitting has been lax at best.  I’ve ripped and restarted E’s hat 2 more times, which brings it up to 5 for the hat plus the two unsuccessful swatches.  Man better LOVE that hat when it’s finally finished (at this point, I suspect that will be somewhere around our 1 year anniversary)

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