Bee’s and Buttons (or..Take my BSJ, Please!)

Two finished Baby Surprise Jackets, now with buttons!

The BSJ made with variegated yarn has already been claimed by my friend Jen. The yellow BSJ with peach and blue remains unclaimed so…who wants it?

This one is Jen’s, keep going down…

Claimed! I love the bee buttons, although when I purchased them I imagined it to be a boys sweater. She sees it as a sweater for a little girl, but I think it works well with the two little bee’s.

This BSJ is still without a home…it’s cotton ease, not wool, so it’s cool enough to wear still. I think my increases and decreases are decidedly better on this one, thanks to that accursed learning curve. So apparently, this fits about a one year old (if you happen to have one in need of a sweater or know of one),

I don’t know if this is for a boy or a girl, but the colors are still very southwestern. In fact, I should knit something up for Linda S, who just had a baby granddaughter, but this isn’t it. E-mail me if you want this.


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