Darby’s Adventure

I’m still sick, but this is a story that needs to be told, cause it’s over now.  I was at my friend Jen’s house last night with Darby (my chihuahua) and we decided to go out for dinner.  Since Darby chewed through one of her babygates we just left her to roam in the house with Jen’s cat and border collie.  We get home and DARBY”S NOT THERE!  So we look all through the house and finally Jen asks me “could she get out through this?” indicating a low window she keeps open a couple inches so the cat can go in and out.
It was probably a foot and a half or two foot drop on the outside of the window, enough to make Darby think about it, but no further than from the bed to the floor.  That was how we knew she went outside.  For the next hour and a half we were walking around, looking in peoples backyards and calling for Darby.  Finally, probably 11pm or so, I headed home.  Jen’s boyfriend kept looking for like another 2 or 3 hours (good man) and I drove around for probably another half hour making sure she hadn’t been run over on one of the main roads around her house.
Now, I’m not a religious person ordinarily, but seriously, I was liker “Please God, let someone find my dog and bring her back” because the last thing I wanted was for her to be killed by a mean dog or run over or have people take her and sell her off.
This morning I got up an hour early to meet Jen at the school so that we can make flyers and paper the neighborhood.  I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I hear my phone ringing faintly (I can’t hear still, cause I’m so damn sick even my ears aren’t working).  It’s Jen.  She went out this morning on her front porch and called for Darby, who walked right up, followed by a kitty of the same color.
So that’s my story.  5 hours of fitful sleep, anxiety, and freaking out, and Darby just walks right back up.  I cried, I was so happy and relieved.  Now she’s curled up under the covers, she’s had her fill of food and water and is just as content as can be.


4 thoughts on “Darby’s Adventure

  1. Autumn,


    This is my worst nightmare. I can only imagine what you went through. That’s why my husband and I have never left Daisy anywhere but in her crate. We just can’t. Even when someone says they can watch her for us, I just don’t trust that they will watch her like we will.


  2. OMG Autumn…I am soooo thankful that you found our sweet little girl. I was almost crying when I read this as you didn’t state in the beginning that “it is over now” meant it was over with a happy ending. Thanks for loving “my” sweet little girl as much as you do….truly a match made in heaven.

  3. What a terrible, frightening story, with a very happy ending. I panic when I can’t find my baby Chica for all of two minutes when she’s hiding outside. I’m so glad that Darby came back. Give her a great big kiss and hug!!!!!

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