The Challenge

Boyfriend (squee!!) has issued me a challenge/asked for a handknit.  I say he has issued me a challenge because he has asked for a knit hat with the Superman Logo on it.  But I certainley have no intention of knitting something like that in regular worsted weight yarn, oh no.  I will knit it in some skinny ass yarn so that I have the best possible look, something polished and professional (even if it has a superman logo on it…sigh…Boyfriend (squee!) has a superman fetish, as noted by the hats, shirts, and boxers.

Here is the challenge.  I have found a charted version but will likely make my own chart.
In other Boyfriend (squee!) news, he surprised me with flowers tonight when he came over. How sweet is that.  I was all sorts of smiley.  Here, look, flowers…

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