Finished Baby Surprise Jacket!

Look! Finished!  It’s got some increases that are a little sloppy, but it’s done!  My thanks to Elizabeth Zimmermann for being completely brilliant and my frustration at the terrible directions she gives.  I had problems even with the notes.  But it did take less than 2 balls of yarn.  I would guess I have 30 yards left.

I think these colors are probably the most accurate.  It’s actually kinda cute.  I didn’t add the button holes because I didn’t like the directions, so I ditched them all together.  I may add some clasps or toggle buttons with loops or even a zipper.

 In other news, I will be getting my own classroom again when I take over the junior high classes.  Right now I teach art all day long, traveling from class to class with my cart.  I currently teach K-6th grade, but will now have to rewrite my schedule and see the elementary kids once every 2 weeks instead of every week. I am very sad about that, because I’ve really grown to love seeing my little ones all the time and they are always so happy to see me.  Sigh.  But, now I will be getting a prep period every day, which is awesome!


One thought on “Finished Baby Surprise Jacket!

  1. hi! It’s your BSJ stalker, stopping by to say “hello!”. 🙂 Your BSJ turned out really nice! I don’t think your increases look sloppy at all. I was glad to hear that you had enough yardage to finish, because i ran out of stinkin’ yarn on line 110! YES! FOUR ROWS before the end! Thank goodness I had some coordinating yarn laying around to finish it! Are you on Ravelry yet? IF so, you can look at some of my BSJ pics. My Ravelry handle is 11tyBillion.


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