Look what I’m making!

Y’all know that there is a lovely scarf I want to make, but the yarn shop in Elk Grove didn’t have it when I was there. I was hoping that they would be open today so that I could check and see if they had it, but they were not open today. So, I dug in to my stash and found some Berroco Foliage in Coleus and after looking through several short row scarves, I decided to make Edgar from Knitty.

Now, being that its a day ending in “Y” I’m sick…again. Oh yes, fever and froggy throat and all. The one benefit of being all gross and sick is that my voice is lower. Lower, so that I don’t feel like parents are going to ask if I’m a real teacher and telephone salespeople don’t ask if my mom is home. Of course, neither of those things have happened for a couple years but it takes a while to feel like my voice is that of an adult and not that of a kid. You would think that with being sick i would have my booty in bed right now, instead of sitting up blogging about a new project, but here I am.

Oh yes, on the Baby Surprise Jacket….it’s surprisingly hard, even with the notes I mentioned in an earlier blog. Seriously, it makes me feel like a bit of a dumbass and like I’m bad at math, and I’m neither of those things. I’ve talked to another blogger who actually reads my blog (HI!) and has the same darn problems with the baby surprise sweater that I have.

All righty, I know my blogging is a little disjointed and abbreviated right now and I’m going to blame that on the fever thats been coming and going rather than admitting that I’m not necessarily applying my excellent writing skills to my blog right now. Cause I”m sick….sniff..cough…


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