Autumn takes a Field Trip

Thats right, I went on a field trip. Now, you all might think that I would be taking a field trip with my students…Ha! This was a knitting foeld trip, full of adults and fibery goodness. My local knitting group organized a field trip to Elk Grove, CA, where we checked out Knitique and The Yarn Shoppe.

At Knitique, I fell in love with a scarf. Now, I’m not normally one to like scarves, particularly those knit on the bias with variegated yarn (both are gross) but THIS scarf was all that I could possible want in a scarf, with gorgeous shades of red, plum, a deep green, blue, just all sorts of deliciousness. Of course, I didn’t take pictures (heaven forbid). Now, Knitique was low on yarn, being that they were preparing for an inventory and the less you have to inventory, well, the less you have to inventory. So they will be ordering some more of this wonderful dk weight, washable wool ArtYarns and when it gets there, i will shell out however much it is to get myself a skein and make the SCARF. By then, I’m sure it will be warm and I won’t be in need of said scarf, but I will have it and it will match my red wool jacket with the toggle buttons and hood that makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. It will be awesome.

Now for Reviews: Knitique was small and low on wool (but they were doing inventory so i can forgive that) and very friendly. When we got there, 4 women were already camped out on the chairs and sofa knitting. The ladies were superhelpful about showing me yarn and writing patterns for people and answering questions on the phone. I will be going back to buy yarn and to donate my hats, because they collect hats for chemo patients there, which makes me so happy.

The Yarn Shoppe was way fancier and better organized but they didn’t have the yarn I wanted. Seating at the Yarn Shoppe was in the back for classes and knitting. They had oodles of Noro there, a wall dedicated to it. She even brought out yarns for us to sniff, which was very cool.

So both were very nice, both had awesome scarves that I wanted to make (The Yarn Shoppe had some great colorwork scarves in a DK or lighter yarn) wonderful stuff all around.

By the time we left the second shop it was getting ready to storm. I had to take off to see boyfriend (heehee) and go see Juno, which I’ve already told you all to go and see.

So now I have plans for my next project, when I finally finish the baby surprise jacket and the never-ending baby blanket.

Oh yes, I got to fondle some cashmere yarn. Oh My God, I will make something out of it one day, when I’m willing to shell out $30 for a ball of yarn. Oh yes, a tasty scarf for myself or a luxurious floppy beret. Mmmmmhmmmm. Cashmere.


3 thoughts on “Autumn takes a Field Trip

  1. Autumn,

    I was fortunate to go to the Sacramento Weavers & Spinners Guild show last weekend and got a bag of various handspun fiber. If your knitting circle is interest in going is is usually about the same time of year (early February) at the Shepard Art & Garden Center in McKinley Park in Sacramento, although they are bad about getting the exact dates online. It is a small show, but they have some pretty amazing stuff there.

    I *did* get to knit something out of lace weight cashmere for Christmas this year — the excuse was that it was for my Mom, and she loves the scarf I made for her. I got undyed cashmere from Sadly, the price per skein has gone up since I bought one from them at Stitches West last year. (We are not going to Stitches this year — just tooooo overwhelming, too little time and money, and toooo much fiber and tools!) I bought one of the California Cashmere scarf kits and used their Shetland Horseshoe lace pattern:

    My other cashmere I “lucked into” as a local yarn store was sadly going out of business. It is now in my stash, a lovely wasabi green color.

    One idea I got from the Weavers & Spinners show is to make a “smoke ring” or “wimple” from expensive yarns like cashmere, buffalo or quiviut rather than to try to make a whole scarf. One of the women at the sale table had a lovely lace smoke ring in quiviut/silk blend in a beautiful colorway that had been given to her as a gift. She said the plus side is that it does not fall off like a scarf, and keeps her neck warm.

    There is also some great buffalo yarn from Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Gals and if I ever break down and buy a skein of Buffalo or Quiviut (musk ox), or a blend with some of those fibers in it, I think a lace smoke ring may be just the ticket.

    One last thing — I picked up information about the Conference of Northern California Handweavers that will be in Sacramento May 3-4, 9-4pm at the Double Tree Hotel. The website is, click on CNCH08.

    I’ve yet to check it out, but that might be a great field trip for my knitting circle.

    peace and happy knitting and Chihuahuas (who like to sit in laps while knitting),


  2. Autumn,

    I neglected to say that the Conference in May has a Marketplace that costs $7 a day that is supposed to have vendors. That’s the part my knitting circle may be interested in.


  3. Hello,

    Just wanted you to know that we received a huge shipment of Art Yarns as well as many other wools that have come in.

    We look forward to you visiting our shop again and seeing all the new yarns that have come in since inventory.

    Have a great day,

    8741 Elk Grove Blvd.
    Elk Grove, CA

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