You Have to go see “Juno”

Thats right my knitterly friends, I’m giving you an order to see “Juno”. I need to have girls to talk about it with because my new boyfriend(heehee) took me to see it. I was told that if it sucked he would get to choose the next movie…Rambo… and even he, as a boy, had to admit it was a good movie. Now, I don’t usually recommend movies because they are obvious and easily recalled but this movie was frikkin great. Go see it. Thats an order.

Shhh…I cried during the movie…twice. It was great. I responded to both Ellen Page’s depiction of a girl who is carrying a kid she doesn’t want/feel emotionally attached to and I responded especially to Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of a woman desperately wanting to child and being terrified to lose her kid again. The whole damn movie was great. Go see it. And then leave me a comment about it so I have girls to talk to.

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  It even got boyfriend (heehee) to ask serious questions about having children, adoption, abortion, and birth.  I learned something about him and he learned about me.  How cool is that?

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