1st Sweater Ever!

I am immensely proud to have finished my first sweater ever! I used the instructions provided by Elizabeth Zimmermann for a sweater in the round, casting on 120 stitches. I see now that this sweater is for a baby, hmmm, now I have to find someone who will dress their baby in a wool sweater, in Stockton. Of course, it could be the whole subconsciousness showing what the conscious won’t admit to. Lets face it, I (of all people) want to have a baby. Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself what with not having a boyfriend let alone a husband. Turns out that whole biological clock thing, with people warning me that one day I will change my mind about not wanting kids, is true.

But I digress, as the sweater is the most important thing right now. So, without further ado…

Ta Da!!! See those bits of yarn above it? Thats all thats left of the two skeins of Patons Merino Wool.

Here’s the dramatic part…

I had a stitch aaallll the way down at the bottom where I hadn’t picked up the whole loop, so the stitch above it wan only holding on to 1 of the 3 strands of wool. I ignored it for a while until I was ready to do the neck and realized that if I want this to be an heirloom, I better fix that damn stitch! So I dropped a stitch all the way down and brought it all the way back up. Of course, Darby was bouncing around wanting to play with me at this most difficult time in my knitting.

Oh, oh, oh, here’s a close up.

I’m so proud of myself!

You can’t even see where Darby decided to make a chew toy out of my circular needle and chewed and drooled on it!


4 thoughts on “1st Sweater Ever!

  1. Omigod. That is gorgeous!! And I know what you mean about the ticking clock…every time I hear someone else is preggo, it starts ticking louder.

    Thanks for visiting my blog way back when, btw 🙂

  2. I’m really impressed. For a first sweater, you didn’t pick a really simple one. It’s beautiful, and on a circular needle to boot. Wow!!!

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