My First Sweater

I’ve been sick for a week now. Being stuck at home, all sniffley, I wanted something to do. So I went to my favorite websites looking for a pair of convertible gloves for a kindergarten teacher who needed them to demonstrate to her class. But, Alas! I was so stuffed up in the noggin that the simplest of patterns did not make sense to me. So I pulled out Elizabeth Zimmermanns “Knitting Without Tears” to consider the seamless sweater (again). I have all this lovely wool I purchased for something, I don’t even know what it was for, so I cast on 120 stitches intent on making a super simple stockinette baby sweater out of 2 skeins of oatmeal colored wool.

But stockinette is SO BORING

So I decided maybe a cable or two. And then I decided that I might as well have some texture around that, you know, to draw interest……

sweater closeup

So for 2 days of sick, I knitted a sweater. I’ve finished 1 skein of yarn and probably won’t be able to make a full sweater out of what I have, so it may become a short sleeve sweater, which will no doubt be ridiculous looking. I suppose in this case, it’s all about the sweater making learning curve.

sweater closeup


3 thoughts on “My First Sweater

  1. Is there any chance you would be able to post the pattern for this particular dog sweater? I’ve been looking over some and I like your pattern.

    • I still have this sweater in my knitting and could definitely take a look at it and make a simple pattern, yes. It may take me some time, possibly until summer as life has gotten a little busier as of late.

    • Lol, this was a baby sweater not a dog sweater. It would be easier to write this as a dog sweater though. That is much more doable. I may not do all the cables though, as Darby’s diameter is too small for all of those.

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