Ta Da!

All 3 dresses are finally finished!

I’m really not finished unpacking yet, but it was important to finally finish the last dress so that these could be shipped off.

Although I have only been at the new school for 4 days, I can say that it is going very well. The vice-principal came by while I was teaching the other art teachers class and she gave me an excellent review.  Whoohoo!

I have 2 more sweaters to knit for a person in Human Resources. She has 2 4lb chi’s, a male and female, and would like matching sweaters in different colors, of course, but matching. I have not yet decided what colors to go with, but am thinking pink and red for the white female and perhaps grey for the black male.

Perhaps it is because work is more on my mind or because I am not yet settled and entirely comfortable in my new place, but I feel like my blog is not as entertaining as it could be. So I apologize for this rather bland blog and you all can rest assured that I will most certainley put some effort into making this more entertaining.


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