Holiday Spirit and ReDecorating

A Christmas tree, courtesy of my cousin.  This tree sits in the nook above my fireplace in my new apartment. 

I have never lived alone before.  It has it’s perks, showering with the door open and using the kitchen whenever I want without having to look at a mess someone else made (my own messes still exist, but I digress). I have one problem with living alone.  For the first time I am decorating the house without wondering what someone else will think of it and then I don’t know what I want.  I’m used to thinking about what other people will like that I like too.  now that it’s just for ME, I’m not sure what to get.  Another bit of a problem is my inherent cheapness.  I like a sale and so I am inclined to buy what is ok and on sale rather than what I want (which is never on sale because I have excellent taste).

I currently am the proud owner of an IKEA sofa bed and footstool.  Both in white, both rather wrinkly because they come from ikea, where everything is wrapped and sealed into the smallest container possible.  My own taste leans towards sumptous fabric and rich colors, but my studio apartment isn’t necessarily the best place for overstuffed furniture and decadent fabrics.

Addendum: I think perhaps I will decorate towards Darby’s taste, which probably involves low furniture for jumping on and everything covered in a rich layer of…rawhide.


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