New Places, New Jobs

Darby on top of my new Ikea couch, surveying her new surroundings…

I now have an apartment in Stockton. Stockton is not the nicest city on earth, it makes me want to leave and drive back up to Washington or at least Oregon, but it is where my new job is. I have found that moving is a very expensive thing to do. If I hadn’t accepted the job, moving would have been impossible. As I was driving back up to Washington to collect at least half my stuff and then drive back down to put it in my new apartment I realized that if I wasn’t still paying the payments on Ex’s truck.  I probably wouldn’t have needed to accept this job. I probably could have continued my little existence in Washington. There is further rant on this subject, but I’ve deleted it because this isn’t somewhere I need to air my dirty laundry.

So, I drove down to California Thursday night and couldn’t drive back up right away because of this huge storm. I stayed with my cousin for the weekend and on Monday got my new apartment. It is my first place where it is just me, no ex, no roommates, and no family.

While we waited to drive back up, Darby got me to make her a new sweater.

She is modeling it on the floor because that was all that we had in the apartment Monday night. I went out and bought something to sleep on for the next night.

I also had her picture taken with Santa. This is a crappy picture, but it’s all I have for the moment.

One thought on “New Places, New Jobs

  1. Even if it is Stockton, it’s good to have a place where it’s just you. Stockton is definitely funky; hopefully the job will be rewarding. It won’t be as cold, that’s for sure.

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