Safe Returns

I have safely returned to the freezing cold bosom of the Pacific Northwest.  When the plane was loaded and we were preparing to leave from Oakland the pilot told us the current weather in Portland was 27 degree’s.  27 degrees!  If I do continue to live up here, I am most certainly going to have to get used to hearing about temperatures below freezing!

Darby was very happy to have me back.  It took her a little while to warm up to me and get comfortable again, but by the evening she was happy as a clam.

And had every intention of staying on me as long as possible…


It is nice to be home. Pilot picked me up from the airport, but he was sooo sick.  I felt so bad for having him pick me up and wish he had told me.  I could have had roommate pick me up, even if I strongly suspect he would have demolished me car in the process.  Poor SIL is sick.  Possibly very very sick.  We are waiting for test results.  She could have asked me to drive up and take her to the hospital and I gladly would have, but the stubborn woman would not.

It is now Monday and I am expecting to hear from the school districts I interviewed with last week.  Strangely, I don’t have work today.  I suspect that after 5 days off, regular teachers are calling in sick less than they normally would.


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