Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

I flew down to San Jose the day before Thanksgiving to spend it with my cousin and her family (my half-uncle and his wife and their daughters…my family tree is a little convoluted)

On the job front..

I had 2 interviews Tuesday, over the phone.  The 1st one (which I really wanted) was a position at a continuatio high school teahing art, but the interview never really warmed up.  The afternoon position was for a k-8 school as the art teacher.  the interview went really well, the principal eve said that it went wel and to expect a call Wednesday.  the call never came, but I know that there is a lot in hr and superintendant/school board approval that would have to be done before I can be offered the job so I won’t totally freak out until Monday at 5:01 if they hven’t called me by that time.

I would be happy with either of the jobs.  Sacramento might be a nicer place to live, but the k-8 ounds like something I might enjoy more.

O the knitting frontm I’m about halfway through Bob’s Hat with my ow design.  I’ll publish it here for you all when i’m done making it.


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