Ruffled Dog Sweater: The Laughter Ensue’s

“Mwah hah hah hah ha ha ha….*cough….

Hah Hah Ha ha ha ha mhaw hah….”


I normally dress Darby in colors associated with boys. I think she looks particularly good in red, sho thats my favorite sweater for her. Now, Vicki (who I am knitting puppy sweaters for) is much more into the girly colors and likes her little girls to look like..well, little girls. So this is the dress for Sophie, her mid-sized pup (3-3.5lb), although I know it will fit Bella (at 4.5-5lbs it’d just be a bit short) I still need to add a bow at the waistline. This dress is based off of a design in “Posh Pooches“. When I say “based off of” I mean here’s this picture of an a-line dress in there and I kinda read the pattern, but the yarn was too small and the needles were too small and I can’t do a picot edge, so I made a dress that kinda looks like it. The pattern will be coming as soon as I type it up, but being that my roommate and his daughter will both be home tomorrow (school holiday, y’all!) I know that my only time on the computer will be after 10pm and I have work too, so it’s probably a bad idea. Must get full time job, so I can buy a laptop!


Wish me luck, I have an interview Wednesday!

Oh yeah, another view. Please note, I’m allowed to laugh at Darby as she loves me and hates trying on clothes.



5 thoughts on “Ruffled Dog Sweater: The Laughter Ensue’s

  1. Oh my gosh, this is just adorable!!!!

    I tried to make a different version of a similar looking sweater, but it turned out kind of bulky and heavy, and I don’t know if Chica will wear it. Turns out that she doesn’t like clothes, and hasn’t figured out that they are supposed to keep her warm. I am anxiously waiting for this pattern, ‘cuz it’s the perfect sweater for my baby girl.

  2. would like to have the ruffled knit pattern.I am a grandma to a chihuaua ,and love to knit for therapy after having a stroke. Would like to be able to knit the outfit for her for Christmas.Can anyone help me get a pattern?

    Thanks in advance

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