This Moment of Cuteness Brought to You by Darby


In knitting news, a former co-worker/blog follower of mine has asked me to make her puppies some sweaters. She has the tiniest chihuahua, y’all! I know, Darby is tiny and adorable, but seriously her little Lexi is the smallest chi I have ever seen! The last sweater I made for her was in baby pink with inastaria hearts in lilac along the back, and I think there was some fun fur trim on the funnel neck…I remember the first sweater I made for Lexi, it was so small it fit on a coke can! Tiny, tiny, tiny thing. And look at her new puppy, from Linda, it’s Sophie (scroll down to see her)!

The good news for everyone is that in making these sweaters, there will be more free patterns for everyone to use!  One for a tiny 2.5lb Lexi, one for 3.5lb Sophie, and one for 5lb Bella.  So now I’m going to have to make my patterns in different sizes, since not every Chi is Darby sized.


One thought on “This Moment of Cuteness Brought to You by Darby

  1. Autumn, I always enjoy catching up with you through your blog. It is always so Autumnish…I can totally hear you saying all of the things your are writing. Keep up the great work on the site and the sweaters and drop me a line when you can. Thanks for the free advertisement.

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