Hat Deconstructed

This is/was Bob’s hat.  As it turns out, I’m terrible at reading directions sometimes.  I’m especially terrible at it if I “already know what I’m doing”.  For example, I’m happily knitting away (cursing under my breath, rereading instructions) for 2.5 repeats of the pattern (or 15ish rows) and wonder why mine doesn’t look exactly like the picture.  Well, I didn’t read the whole pattern clearly, obviously, because I knit all the stitches I was supposed to purl.  So it is now no wonder why the pattern didn’t stick out as much as it should have.  Also, when I was ripping back I couldn’t pick up the stitches quite properly (I don’t know what the problem was there)  so i just pulled apart the whole damn thing.  I don’t know if I will make him this particular hat or if I will just do something easier.


My head needs to be deconstructed, as does my stomach as both hurt like hell.  It could be because there was a fire drill in the highschool art class i was subbing for today.  I hate fire drills. Quack, pain.


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