Puppy Love

“Please rub my tummy and let me try to nibble on your hand at the same time, because I want to play SOOO bad.” My puppy sure does love me. Look at that look on her face. I’m not sure what it is, sort of a happy/malicious look, but the tummy rubs were good. See how huge my hand looks? I have tiny hands. I have an even smaller dog.


On to knitting news: Am working diligently on Bob’s Hat for Christmas. It’s the Koolhaus Pattern by Brooklyn Tweed from IK Gifts issue. Take a looksie:

Had I actually read the pattern before starting it, I would have realized that this is going to take a little longer than my usual hats take. It’s got teeny tiny 2 stitch cables on every other row, thats how it gets that cool texture. No simple purl and knit pattern here! I’m guessing it will take me at least a week, which is a huge span of time in my knitting world.


In the field of employment, why don’t more people call me back for interviews and then, being so impressed with my mad art teaching skillz (yo), hire me immediately? I would hire me immediately. I’m awesome.


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