A Finished Quiviut Scarf and a Trip to Mount St. Helens

Finally! There are a few errors in my scarf, but I’m sure D won’t mind. It’s still a fancy lace scarf in a fancy yarn that I worked really hard on…lots of gnashing of my teeth and pulling of my hair.

Ta Da!

I made the fatal error of trying to block the scarf without Darby’s consent, so when I stepped out of the room she jumped into action, carefully pulling out all the pins and laying them down right where they were pinned. I had absolutely no desire to repin the whole thing, so I put in a few pins and wrapped the whole thing in a towel so that it would n’t be of any interest to Darby anymore.

Darby and I went to Mount St. Helens yesterday. They are closing the Coldwater Visitors Center permanently so this was my last chance to go there, and probably one of the last nice days of the year to go there anyway. It was really beautiful, most of the blast area (with boiling hot winds full of rocks and ash rushing through at speeds of up to 675 mph when the volcano exploded) had started to grow back some years ago, so nearly the whole area was covered in a blanket of small evergreen trees (my size trees, really small). I’ll load some pictures to share later today. No calls to sub today, which is surprising since it is a Monday and people have had the whole weekend to incubate their sickness(es) .

Darby thoroughly enjoyed the drive to Mount St. Helens being that she got to spend the whole time asleep in my lap.

But once we got to the Coldwater Visitor Center, 48 miles east and 3000 feet higher she was not nearly so impressed.

See that look on her face? Clearly not impressed with the giant volcano behind her. Also not digging the harness and leash so I could walk her. She was much more pleasant after I gave her my sandwich.


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