Thank you to the ladies at Twisted and at Interweave Knits for giving me answers to why my Quiviut scarf was all wonky.  Turns out the whole “right side” and “wrong side” was kinda important, even if it only affected 1 row (as far as I can tell).  So I am happy to announce that I have actually finished a section.  Here, look:

I know, it doesn’t look really impressive right now, what with not being the super expensive quiviut hair, groomed from the belly’s of ox that live in the cold climates of some random foreign land, but it is Kid Silk Haze, which is supposed to be a very impressive and addictive yarn.  i own 3 skeins of it and absolutely hate it.  Darby, however, thinks its the fuzziest, most expensive, and therefore TASTIEST yarn I have to offer her and is therefore great fun to tangle up and chew, since it obviously is like a bunny or a mouse to her and she must destroy it.


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