Hempy Goodness

Now, I’m not a big fan of hemp yarn. I much prefer the ease of superwash wool (it’s wool, but I can wash it and toss it in the dryer!) . Now, ex, probably at least 2 years ago went online and (bless his soul) bought me yarn for Christmas! Yarn with patterns specifically for it! What a good man! Unfortunately, neither he nor I truly understood what type of yarn-ho I was. This means that I was disappointed with hempy yarn (especially in “harvest gold”) and that made him sad about his choice in presents. Now I did finally sit down and make the scarf that came with it. 5 hempy feet of 10 rows straight stitch and ten rows of garter stitch. Then, being finished, I cut the rest and made fringe for the amazingly hippy scarf. Of course, I was armed with amazing counting abilities and somehow managed to use up all the yarn for fringe and still be left with half en end devoid of fringe. So I balled it up, wrapped it in plastic and stuck it in the bottom of my yarn basket.

hempy yarnThis is it unraveled, rewound, and ready to make into a slightly different scarf for the ex, who likes his hempy goodness. The scarf will be a super simple straight stitch bordered with a purl stitch. I have a difficult time working with yarn that has the type of variety this one has. Originally I was going to make a cable up the center of the scarf, but felt the yarn didn’t lend itself to that. I think it looks like a supersized bookmark now. Pictures will come eventually. In the meant time, big thanks to Chris for telling me how to add project counters. you can check out her blog here: http://dropstitchknitter.wordpress.com/


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