Cute for cuteness’ sake.

Thats my Darby.

In other news.  I took myself to Denny’s for a good breakfast at 1 in the afternoon and talked a little to the waitress.  I was taking my sausage with me (because ick, I won’t eat it) so that Darby could have it and the woman asked what kind of dog I had.  naturally being the proud mother I am, I whipped out my camera phone to show her pictures.Turns out she too had a chihuahua not much larger than Darby and wants her daughter to knit the pup a sweater.  So I gladly gave her my website address so she can use my patterns.  On my way out I remembered the double cable sweater I had in the car for Darby and went out, grabbed it,  gave it to a waitress to give to Janet (the waitress I had been talking to) and snuck out before she could do anything about it.  It made me quite happy to give her a sweater for her pup, whose name, I believe, is Chica (it’s a popular chihuahua name, it seems).


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