other knitting projects

other knitting projects,
originally uploaded by autumn_odd1.

other knitting projects

See? I really am knitting other things. On the right is the beginning of a bottom-up EZ sweater. In the middle is some yarn I purchased 2 years ago to knit my stepmom a chemo cap (she did get one out of this yarn by the way) and on the left is some nice berrocco yarn with angora and other things that make my face itch in it. I’m turning it into a sweater vest, but being that I’m not following a pattern, it’s going a little slowly. In it’s previous life it was a button up dickey sort of thing that, while nice, I never used. I’m hoping in it’s life as a vest it will get more use. It’s very pet-able.
In other news, I had an interview for a full time art teacher position in central California. While I do love where I live now, I really really need full time work with benefits and if that means moving back to California, so be it. Wish me luck, I could use some.


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