Getting your oil changed? Knit a puppy sweater!

Knitting in the car while getting my oil changedThat’s right ladies, I went to get my oil changed and naturally brought along my knitting.  While I should be working on more mitered squares so I can finish that new baby blanket, I’m much happier to work on another sweater for Darby.  This one will have  2 cables, one cabling right, one cabling left. I’m very happy about it and Darby is very very happy to be wearing her sweaters already.

2 thoughts on “Getting your oil changed? Knit a puppy sweater!

    • Okay, dang, here we go. 1. measure your dog’s neck. Figure out your gauge per inch and multiply by neck size. This will be your cast on number. I like to do the cast on ribbed so that it is stretchy. Now measure the size around the chest, right behind the front legs. This is what you need to increase to (also, measure how far apart the legs are and how big the legs are so you can make leg holes). Depending on the dog you might need to increase after you do the leg holes, if their chest gets bigger. Now, if it’s a girl dog, like Darby, you can just keep knitting in a tube until you want to stop and then add some ribbing so it doesn’t roll up. If it’s a boy dog you have to do the weird cut-out on the bottom so they don’t get pee on their sweater (eew, gross). I’m not very good at that. In fact, here is a pattern for you to use because mine are too small and I have a cold and my brain isn’t working well.
      Sweater pattern for Kathy (red heart pattern I found on Ravelry)
      or click here

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