Most Adorable Nephew’s Chullo Hat Pattern!

I see all you people looking for chullo hat patterns

I’ve finished my nephews hat! And got a job offer! I may be moving to Stockton.

chullo hat

Blocked over cereal bowl and tin          Blocked over the tin only

Chullo Hat for a young child (about 4 years)

I’m not putting up color charts or anything, just basic, basic instructions so that you can make one too and colors listed on the side in case you want one like mine.

Lion Brand Wool-ease in 4 colors, red, light blue, goldenrod, and white

Size 8 needles, double pointed and 16″ circular.

Top Down:

Red: C/o 8 sts, divide evenly into 4 circular needles

Blue: KFB of each stitch (16 sts)

Gold: Kfb, k2, kfb, repeat to end (24 sts)

Gold: kfb, k4, kfb, repeat to end (32)

Red: kfb, k6, kfb, repeat to end (40)

Red: kfb, k8, kfb, repeat to end (48)

Red: kfb, k10, kfb, repeat to end (56)

Red: kfb, k12, kfb, repeat to end (64)

White: kfb, k14, kfb, repeat to end (72)

Blue: kfb, k16, kfb, repeat to end (80)

These are the patterns I used if you want to make exactly the same thing…otherwise, just knit until the piece is 6″ long from the last decrease or however long, I don’t have kids and am guessing on the length…fair warning.

1 Blue Row

2 Gold Row’s

Diamond pattern

Knit 1 Red, 3 Gold, Repeat

Knit 2 red, 1 gold, 1 red, repeat

Red Row

knit 2 red, 1 gold, 1 red, repeat around

Knit 1 red, 3 gold

2 Gold row’s

2 White Row’s

Square Pattern

Knit 2 blue, knit 2 white, repeat around

Knit 2 blue, knit 2 white, repeat around

knit 2 rows white

Knit 2 rows red

knit 1 row gold

knit 2 rows red

2 rows blue (I accidentally made an extra one on mine…don’t do that)

Knit 1 gold, knit 3 blue, repeat around

Knit 1 blue, knit 1 gold, knit 1 blue, knit 1 gold, repeat around

knit 2 blue, knit 1 gold, knit 1 blue, repeat around

knit 2 rows blue

checker row

knit 1 red, knit 1 white, knit 1 red, knit 1 white, repeat around

knit 1 white, knit 1 red, knit 1 white, knit 1 red, repeat around

knit 2 rows white

Now it’s time for earflaps!

White: cast off 20, knit 18, cast off 24, knit 18

Ear flaps: knit k rows in stockinette (white yarn for 2 rows and blue yarn for 4 rows)

gold: k1, k2tog, k12, k2tog, k1 (16)

gold: k1, k2tog, k10, k2tog, k1 (14)

red: k1, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k1 (12)

red: k1, k2tog, k6, k2tog, k1 (10)

red: k1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, k1 (8)

red: k1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1 (6)

red: k1, k2tog, k2tog, k1 (4)

To make a liner, repeat the whole thing, put’em together and crochet the edges together


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Bob’s Hat Pattern

Here is the pattern for Bob’s hat.  It is meant to fit an average male head, but I didn’t pack extra yarn in my carry-on, so I’m modifying it for you all to make a better length.

Size 5 16″ round needles and dpn’s

Worsted weight yarn (I use Lion Brand Wool-ease in Blue Mist)


 Term: MiniCable Knit into 2nd stitch on left needle and without taking stitch off needle knit into 1st stitch, then take them both off the needle.  You’ll have a little cable.  There are a variety of explanations here too.


C/O 104 sts loosely.  Join.

Knit in a k2, p2 rib for 2″

MiniCable Round: MiniCable the knit sts and purl the purl sts.  Knit 4 rounds, Repeat until hat is 8″ high (9 for men)

Begin Decrease.  While decreasing continue to follow minicable pattern whenever possible.  Divide sts evenly on 4 needles (26 sts on each needle).  K2 tog at the beginning and end of each section. Continue until 8 sts are left, thread yarn through sts and close off.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Safe Returns

I have safely returned to the freezing cold bosom of the Pacific Northwest.  When the plane was loaded and we were preparing to leave from Oakland the pilot told us the current weather in Portland was 27 degree’s.  27 degrees!  If I do continue to live up here, I am most certainly going to have to get used to hearing about temperatures below freezing!

Darby was very happy to have me back.  It took her a little while to warm up to me and get comfortable again, but by the evening she was happy as a clam.

And had every intention of staying on me as long as possible…


It is nice to be home. Pilot picked me up from the airport, but he was sooo sick.  I felt so bad for having him pick me up and wish he had told me.  I could have had roommate pick me up, even if I strongly suspect he would have demolished me car in the process.  Poor SIL is sick.  Possibly very very sick.  We are waiting for test results.  She could have asked me to drive up and take her to the hospital and I gladly would have, but the stubborn woman would not.

It is now Monday and I am expecting to hear from the school districts I interviewed with last week.  Strangely, I don’t have work today.  I suspect that after 5 days off, regular teachers are calling in sick less than they normally would.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

I flew down to San Jose the day before Thanksgiving to spend it with my cousin and her family (my half-uncle and his wife and their daughters…my family tree is a little convoluted)

On the job front..

I had 2 interviews Tuesday, over the phone.  The 1st one (which I really wanted) was a position at a continuatio high school teahing art, but the interview never really warmed up.  The afternoon position was for a k-8 school as the art teacher.  the interview went really well, the principal eve said that it went wel and to expect a call Wednesday.  the call never came, but I know that there is a lot in hr and superintendant/school board approval that would have to be done before I can be offered the job so I won’t totally freak out until Monday at 5:01 if they hven’t called me by that time.

I would be happy with either of the jobs.  Sacramento might be a nicer place to live, but the k-8 ounds like something I might enjoy more.

O the knitting frontm I’m about halfway through Bob’s Hat with my ow design.  I’ll publish it here for you all when i’m done making it.

Happy Birthday Darby!

Darby is 1 year old today!  Since i took the day off of work so that I could do 2 phone interviews in peace she will be spending her birthday happily curled in asleep in my lap all warm and cozy.

Here’s what a 1 year old Darby looks like

She plays fetch, can sit, and actually comes when I call her name (about 50% of the time).

I’ll knit her something nice for her birthday.

Here’s a picture of her, by me (I can’t help the cropping)


Vanna’s Choice Yarn

I’ve checked out this stuff and thought it rather nice until I bought some to use on the larger sized A-Line Ruffled Dog Sweater Dress. I found that on the small needles I was using (size 6) it was too scratchy and bulky compared to some of the other lion brand yarns I have used. I am hoping though, that Unlike Lion Brand WoolEase, that Vanna’s Choice holds up to being washed better. I love WoolEase, it is just the right size for knitting hats, but it fuzzes up like crazy after repeated washings and wearings as a dog sweater. As a hat, it’s just peachy.

I want to knit a men’s Norwegian sweater. Anyone have a particular pattern they adore to send me a link to. I like the pattern on knitpicks better than any of the Drops patterns and find the Dale of Norway website difficult to navigate.

Free Pattern for the A-Line Ruffled Dog Sweater Dress

You knew it was coming…the embarrassingly girly Ruffled Sweater Dress: an A-Line dress with ruffled neck and hem and a bow to give the appearance of an empire waist. This time in 2 sizes, size 10″ for 3-4.5 lb dogs with a 10″-11″ circumference around the waist/ribcage and size 12″-14″ for pups 4.5-7lbs.

Added 11/01/08: I”m sorry crocheters, I cannot write you a crocheted version.


#6 double point needles

#6 16″ circular (not necessary, but it sure would help)

worsted weight yarn (I used baby yarn, which seems to be on the skinny side for worsted) in 2 colors. 1 main color and 1 complementary color.  (I used about half a skein for the 10″ and maybe .70 skein for the 12″)

Ribbon in complementary color, approx 2 feet.

2 large safety pins

Optional: Medium crochet hook (for sleeves, or you can use the knitting needles)

10″ will be listed in directions with the 12″ size in parenthesis.

Ruffled neck

Cast on 80 (120)

Join, being sure not to twist.

knit 2, k2tog around : 60 sts (90 sts)

k1, k2 tog: 40 sts (60 sts)

k2tog around: 20 sts (30)

knit in stockinette until piece is 1″ long (1 1/2″ long) these are really approximate because the ruffles make it hard to measure

Begin Increases

K3, kfb, k12, kfb, k3: 22 sts (k6, kfb, k16, kfb, k6 :32 sts)

K3, kfb, k14, kfb, k3: 24 sts (k6, kfb, k18, kfb, k6: 34sts)

K3, kfb, k16, kfb, k3: 26 sts (k6, kfb, k20, kfb, k6: 36sts)

K3, kfb, k18, kfb, k3: 28 sts (k6, kfb, k22, kfb, k6: 38sts)

K3, kfb, k20, kfb, k3: 30 sts (k6, kfb, k24, kfb, k6: 40sts)

K3, kfb, k22, kfb, k3: 32 sts (k6, kfb, k26, kfb, k6: 42sts)

K3, kfb, k24, kfb, k3: 34 sts (k6, kfb, k28, kfb, k6: 44sts)

K3, kfb, k26, kfb, k3: 36 sts (k6, kfb, k30, kfb, k6: 46sts)

K3, kfb, k28, kfb, k3: 38 sts (k6, kfb, k32, kfb, k6: 48sts)

K3, kfb, k30, kfb, k3: 40 sts (k6, kfb, k34, kfb, k6: 50sts)

K3, kfb, k32, kfb, k3: 42 sts (k6, kfb, k36, kfb, k6: 52sts)

K3, kfb, k34, kfb, k3: 44 sts (k6, kfb, k38, kfb, k6: 54sts)

K3, kfb, k36, kfb, k3: 34 sts (k6, kfb, k40, kfb, k6: 56sts)

Leg Holes

These are always tricky for me to explain, so if it sounds a little weird, thats my fault. Please note I use a reverse loop cast on to return the stitches I bound off and then I knit through the back of each loop for a slightly less sloppy finish.

K4, b/o 8, k20, b/o 8, k4 (k6, b/o 8, k28, b/o 8, k6)

K4, c/o 8, k20, c/o 8, k4 (k6, c/o 8, k28, c/o 8, k6)


To make an A-Line dress we are going to use some gradual increases along the sides of the dress, where the “seams” would be. You can use the method of increasing you like, I use kfb (knit front and back of the stitch) because it doesn’t leave the hole you would get with a yarn over increase

Knit 5 rows then:

k10, kfb, K22, kfb, k10 (K13, kfb, k28, kfb, k13)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K11, kfb, k22, kfb, k11 (k14, kfb, k28, kfb, k14)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K 11, kfb, k24, kfb, k11 (k14, kfb, k30, kfb, k14)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K12, kfb, k24, kfb, k12 (k15, kfb, k30, kfb, k15)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K12, Kfb, k26, kfb, k12 (k15, kfb, k32, kfb, k15)

Knit 5 more rows then:begin ruffled hem (k16, kfb, k32, kfb, k16)

(Knit 5 more rows <size 12″ only>)

Ruffled Hem

kfb of each stitch (kfb of each stitch)

k1, kfb around (k1, kfb around)

k2, kfb around (k2, kfb around)

Bind off.

2nd ruffle (petticoat) and Neck Ruffle

With contrasting color: On inside of dress pick up all stitches from the row before you began the ruffled hem. Knit in stockinette for 1 inch or until the contrasting color is same length as original ruffle. Knit 2nd ruffle in same direction as original ruffled hem.

For neck ruffle: do same thing, but at the top of the dress ;)


With Contrasting Color:

With Crochet hook pick up all sts and crochet around until the sleeves are long enough for your taste (I did 1 row of double crochet and 1 row of single crochet)


Pick up all stitches and knit 5 rounds (or until it is as long as you like)


Put the dress on your pup and using the safety pins mark behind the front legs (on the sides of the dress). Crochet loops to hold ribbon in place. Tie bow, admire how cute she looks.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Clicking Away

My needles are clicking and I’m speeding my way through another ruffled dress, this time in pink with white contrast and a white bow all in a larger size, so when i do put the pattern up here for y’all (that’s you all) it will have sizes from 2 lbs up to 5-6lbs. That way even more pups can be throughly embarrassed in their ruffly pink and purple confections. Whoo!  Here is a view of the neck, because I take crappy pictures with my phone.  You can see that I have shoved my yarn into the body of the sweater for safekeeping/tangle prevention.

I had a phone interview today that went really well. I didn’t talk too much or too fast BUT I still didn’t get a call back for a 2nd interview, which doesn’t make me happy. I have no doubt about my abilities as an art teacher, I’m excellent, but it is hard to convey how great I am when I’m in an interview. On the plus side, I can continue to live North of Portland and enjoy how beautiful, albeit windy and freakin cold, it is up here.

Speaking of which…what can make being a substitute teacher slightly more difficult than it already is? Ah yes, I know…have the power at the school go out 20 minutes before classes let out for the day and then try to convince 35 teenagers who are taller than you that they can’t leave early, go into complete chaos, or start talking on their cell phones. Actually, they did really well. I pulled out my cellphone and set the alarm to go off when the bell was supposed to ring, that way there was no way they could claim class was over early. And they were remarkably well behaved, but decidedly unhappy when I told them this would probably mean that they wouldn’t have any power (that means no internet or tv) at home either. that really freaked them out. Power came back on just a few minutes after school let out.

Gave Pilot his hat, because I totally thought I would be getting that teaching gig and moving.  He seemed to like it, was impressed with the time and effort I put into it.  Now that I know his favorite colors are black, gray, and blue I would like to make him one in a smaller gauge in the appropriate colors, but must finish other things first!  I would like to make his a sweater, because he was talking about how the hand-made wool sweaters in Norway are hundreds of dollars, but we all know where that would lead..sweater curse.  And I would just as soon continue seeing him, instead of knitting him a sweater and scaring him off.

In Memory of My Brother

On November 13, 2006 at the age of 24 my younger brother, Noah Zachary Bates, chose to commit suicide. So I write this in hopes that other people will read it, pass it on, and maybe prevent someone else from making this awful decision.

Suicide is not a solution. It is the first domino in a series to fall, creating more problems and chaos. It will not punish people, nor teach them lessons. Anything you hoped others would learn from your death will be completely obscured by the grief they will experience. Any solution you sought by killing yourself will not be reached, rather, those problems will be transfered to those closest to you who, in addition to grieving the loss of you will have to deal with your problems.

Please do not look upon suicide as a romantic act. Death will not come to you quietly or gently, there will be no romantic last breath nor gentle heartbeat stopping. You will not become a floating specter looking down upon your own funeral. You will cease to exist. There will be nothing, no thoughts, no sight, no sounds, no feeling. You cannot fathom a lack of existence even as you sit here breathing. After you are gone others will have to go through all your belongings. Anything you did not want people to find will be found. All the memories you have associated with your possessions will be lost. Others will not appreciate your things the way you do now. Everything you own will be given away, sold, or thrown away. It will not be yours anymore.

Your death will not affect only the people you think about now. Those closest to you will be mortally wounded by your actions. Your death will be like a hole cut out of them, but others too will be affected. The distant relatives you don’t think of often will recall you as you were years ago and wonder if there was some sort of sign. Friends will carry guilt in their conscience, wondering why their friendship wasn’t enough to prevent your action. Classmates and coworkers you hardly notice will think about the last time they saw you and if there was something they could have said or done that could have changed your course and prevented your death.

Please, think about what I have said. My life has been irrecovably altered by my brother’s death. My family has been torn apart by it. As each year passes, I will remember less of my little brother, I have fewer memories of the time we spent together and the sound of his voice.

If you are considering suicide, please, call someone. It can be a friend or a family member or someone you don’t even know. You may be in pain, full of sorrow or lonliness, but please consider what I have written here and consider the full consequences of your actions. You belong here with us, your life will change as time goes on and this moment shall pass.

If you need someone to talk to, please call, do it now. There is always someone to talk to.

National Suicide Prevention Hotlines (Toll Free)

1-800-suicide 1-800-273-talk 1-800-799-4tty (deaf hotline)

Autumn R. Bates